We are Euro Cola Slovakia engaged in the production of non-alcoholic beverages. As part of the change of production program and the non-use of technology, we would be happy to offer you a sale offer. This is a CO-MAC 2 + 1T automatic double-head filling line with conveyors with a production capacity of 40pcs 50l barrels per hour. Dishwasher (outdoor washing) Manufacturer CO-MAC model LFH 2500. 

1 – Double-head automatic filling line with conveyors Co-Mac – (Italy), Model: 2 + 1T with factory
capacity 40 pcs 50 liters. barrels / 1 hour Year of production 2000.
2 – Barrel Sink (Outdoor Washing, Manufacturer: CO-Mac Model: LFH 2500). , Production capacity:
100 barrels / 1 hour Year of production 2000

Peter Uríček Product manager

Email: obchod@eurocola.sk