– Quick and easy solution for the production of soft drinks

– Syrups with high quality and with excellent tastes / 17 kinds /

– Significantly lower operating costs than competing vendors of similar services

– Easy to use

– There is no need to store a number of bottles of soft drinks (saving on storage and transportation)

– Professional Services

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Postmix Italian manufacturer SIPP, model 510 – the version with five dispensing valves is dedicated to the production and filling of chilled lemonade,? And soda water. This is the line performance model suitable for medium catering operations, canteens, cafeterias and shops.

Affordable price and sufficient performance are strong arguments for buying the right equipment.

As the heat exchanger works ice bank. It helps through ice bin, achieve higher production outputs. The device is equipped with mechanical or solenoid valves smiešavacími FLOMATIC.

This machine has high quality and reliability of the prepared beverage.

– cooling compressor power HP 1/4
– a constant cooling capacity 45 l
– cooling power directly l / min 0.75
– Electrical Power consumption 700 W
– Power supply 230/50/1
– The number of dispensing valves 5
– Cooling drinks 5x limo, 1 soda
– The time needed to cold-blowing 35 min
– Execution stainless steel
– Dimensions of the valve from the front of 416x352x636 mm
– Dimensions of the valves on the side of 416x472x516 mm